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A gun is something that could mean the difference between life and death, so supplying your gun with adequate ammo should be a top priority. In the United States of America, we are fortunate enough to have a variety of ammo sellers and distributors. This makes it very convenient when deciding where to buy your ammo.

We at RED LINE BALISTICS offer a wide range of ammo for you to purchase. We are very affordable with our prices making us the number one ammo supplier in Sacramento. We are a sister company of LAX Ammo a household name when talking about ammunition.

When purchasing a firearm there are basically three purposes why you would want ammo. The first reason being you will use it for self-defense. Secondly, you will use it for hunting, and thirdly, you would want to use it for practice. In this article, we will be looking at all three possibilities.

When buying ammo for defense it is crucial to know that you will be spending a little more on ammo. The main thing you need is for your rounds to be effective and stop the threat dead in his tracts (no pun intended). You would want around that is reliable and also delivers a lot of force when coming out.

Getting yourself some hollow points would be ideal as at it delivers maximum impact. They are professionally engineered to expand on contact, In doing so, extending the original hole it hit. On the other side of the coin when you use a shotgun you should use buckshot rounds. Those pellets you use are large enough to do a lot of damage.

The main thing when choosing a self-defense round is to ensure the ammo does the necessary damage and does not injure unnecessary bystanders.

Ammo for hunting
When looking at hunting most of the same factors should be taken into account as for the self-defense. A humane and quick kill is what you will be looking for when purchasing hunting ammo. When you intend to use a shotgun for hunting it would be wise to use slugs.

Don’t use a bullet that will go straight through the animal, this will cause suffering and this is not what you want. The only difference when looking at the defense and hunting ammo is that hunting ammo requires more penetration as the skin of the animal is thicker than humans.

Ammo for practice
We all like to sharpen our skills from time to time. So if you are just doing target practice or doing some serious training then you will not be needing the most powerful ammo. The focus then shifts to the price of the round as you will not want to spend a lot of money on bullets when you are just shooting them for fun.

It does not matter which round you may need we at Red Line Ballistics will have you covered. You can come into our store and one of our friendly staff will assist you with any queries or purchases that you may want to do.

Ammo Sac
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