Many new firearm owners struggle with selecting the right ammunition. With several different calibers and types to choose from, locals looking for the best combination of guns and ammo in Sacramento can be a challenge.

Ammunition selection depends greatly on the intended purpose. The process can be overwhelming with the different kinds of weights, projectile, and velocity speeds enthusiasts can choose from. Lucky for you, we’re here to highlight the best ammunition for your intended purpose.

Target Practice

Whether you are a beginner shooter or a seasoned vet, target practice is the best way to hone your skills. Our store for guns and ammo in Sacramento sells bulk ammunition for cost-effective practice rounds. For this reason many shooters like using inexpensive ammunition to get the job done. The most inexpensive ammunition type for handguns and rifles are full metal jackets (FMJ). They are noted for being the best value for target practice effectiveness.


When choosing self-defense ammunition, it is best to find reliable ammunition effective in protecting you and your family. Here at Redline, our store for guns and ammo in Sacramento, we are knowledgeable in which self-defense ammunition would be the right fit for you. We can suggest the rounds that do the greatest amount of damage and stopping power. These factors are vital when looking for self-defense ammunition. Ideally, price should be secondary in choosing the ammunition that ensures your safety, however, budget concerns are understandable. Best quality rounds for handguns and rifles would typically mean investing in hollow point projectile cartridges. These are great for self-defense because the cartridges contain a unique tip that expands on impact causing greater damage to the target.


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Similarly to self-defense, when hunting you want ammunition that will quickly and effectively bring down your target. A hollow point projectile cartridge would also be a great choice for hunting. Hunters should strive to use ammunition that has more power. Unlike self-defense, hunters need an additional force in their ammunition that will be able to penetrate through thick animal skin and muscle. You should avoid FMJ’s when hunting. The damage may not be strong enough to cause significant damage to the intended target.


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