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The 6.5 Creedmoor: The Rise And Rise

The 6.5 Creedmoor Sacramento has captured imaginations like no other cartridge In the 21st century.

First introduced in 2008, the Creedmoor that we know today is an amazing piece of ballistic engineering in design and performance.  It has proven itself time and again on the field and is quite possibly the first metric cartridge to be widely embraced by the American gun community. And there’s a reason why - the cartridge performs. Now, the Creedmoor is looking to the future to continue its run of dominance.

Here are 9 reasons why we think the Creedmoor will remain on top as one of America’s favorites.

  • The 6.5 Creedmoor has been arguably the most successful cartridge in America
  • One of the greatest ballistics scientists of our time, Dave Emary was a lead scientist on the project
  • The 6.5 is uniquely adaptable to long range shooting because of its amazing ballistic coefficients
  • Specifically designed for long range shootability
  • Parent case is the .30TC.
  • Highly efficient, using less powder to perform the same job as comparable 6.5s.
  • Supersonic beyond the 1,200-yard mark, with some of the most impressive ballistic coefficients on the market
  • Trajectories as level as the Nebraska landscape where it was created
  • The cartridge has skyrocketed with the recent surge of affordable long range rifles.

The 6.5 Creedmoor has helped shooters group tighter and reaches further than ever before and as far as we can tell, marksmen will continue to use the Creedmoor.

6.5 creedmoor sacramento

History Of The 6.5 Creedmoor

The 6.5 Creedmoor was borne of a chance meeting between Dave Emary  - senior Hornady ballistics scientist and Dennis DeMille - 2 time NRA Rifle Campion,  when the two were discussing the limitation of the then-popular 6mm XC long range round. It was a wildcard shot and performance varied from rifle to rifle, so the two discussed the need for a commercially-loaded cartridge that could bring consistency to long-range shooting. So Emary set out to create the ideal ammunition for long range shooting. That’s when the 6.5 Creedmoor was born.

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How The Steel Shot Is Better For Waterfowl

According to Sacramento Ammo Store specialists, technological advances for the steel shot for waterfowl has progressed a great deal since the 80's. Although it has endured much criticism since then, improvements include:

  • Shells are packed for higher velocity
  • Payload delivers more energy
  • Wad-designs distribute shot better
  • Higher consistency of down-range patterns
  • Pellets are uniformly round
  • Improvements in annealing maintain steel toughness

Waterfowlers derided steel shot when it became required in the U.S. as a nontoxic-shot alternative for hunting waterfowl. Hunters bemoaned the inferiority of steel shots to traditional lead shots. They often cited examples of birds flying away when hit with steel shots. Then a tungsten-based alternative came about and many waterfowlers abandoned traditional methods. They opted for the latest and greatest that performed better than lead shots, though at a higher cost.

Sacramento Ammo Store

Recently, the trend has swung back in favor of steel. Now waterfowlers celebrate contemporary steel loads. Why is that? Because contemporary steel shots are lethal for water birds. So much so that lead shots have all but been forgotten.  Quite simply, if you want a functional waterfowl bullet, it has to deliver shots with enough velocity to hit the vital. To achieve this, designers had to consistently and safely produce higher velocity bullets and also deliver bullets that distributed evenly. This is where improvements in wad design become important.

There is no doubt that the steel shot that you can buy now is much improved over what was available 20 - 30 years ago.

It’s easy to see why there is this preference for steel when one considers the current non-toxic shot scene. Manufacturers have made tremendous strides in the capabilities of the steel. We are seeing lethality with steel shots that we have never seen before. As manufacturers gain experience and the tech improves, designers began loading more powerful steel loads which lent itself to increased lethality.  Also, there is no doubt that the lead option being more costly has created more preference for the steel shot.

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Ammunition in 2018

Reloading your own ammunition has always been the best way to save money. We are the premier reloaded ammo Sacramento experts and we enjoy the task of reloading. There are benefits to both and it all depends on your shooting and budget practices.

The Cost of Reloading

Reloading your own ammunition still remains the best in regards to lower cost. However, premium ammunition in some cases is not too far off. In fact, the cost per round between reloaded and factory loaded ammo is only off by a few cents for the .308 Winchester. In this regards, it all depends on the cost of your tools, your time, performance of the ammunition, and how customized you want your ammo performance. There are other cases in which reloading yourself is extremely better than premium ammunition. We recommend to do your own research before attempting to reload or purchase ammo.

Ammo Market

Premium ammo costs have lowered greatly but market prices can still vary greatly. Reloading is a handy skill to have if factory loaded ammunition prices ever spike. The practice has consistently been a cost-effective way to get quality ammunition catered to your performance needs.


If you like to travel and hunt, we recommend to using premium factory loaded ammo. While you can attempt to travel with your factory loaded ammo, sometimes your rounds can get lost or damaged due to variable factors. It's always smart to prepare for the worst. Out in the field, be sure you have extra rounds to use if your main stash is somehow rendered unusable. 

Reloaded Ammo Sacramento


While factory loaded ammo has become a far more viable alternative, it's still a useful skill to be able to handle reloaded ammo. Have a reloaded ammo Sacramento expert teach you if the process is unfamiliar.

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The Secret Meaning Behind Gunpowder

Our Fiocchi Ammo Sacramento shop understands the need for enthusiasts to know the history behind the firearms they're shooting. Today we go into the origins of gunpowder and the tools used to create it into a firearm we know today.

Gunpowder was first created in China in the 9th century, but for unusual reasons. Chinese alchemists were finding out ways to improve their medical treatments by using sulfur and saltpeter (potassium nitrate). The true purpose of gunpowder, however, was to gain immortality. The next place to utilize gunpowder after China was Mongolia, then the islamic empires of the day. The matchlock was the next step in the ignition process.

1. Matchlock

The new innovation of the Matchlock was that it could be fired with one hand, but the main problem is that it needs the match to stay lit which is a problem in rain and snow. The next step after the matchlock is generating a spark on-demand.

Fiocchi Ammo Sacramento

2. Wheellock

No one knows the true origins of the wheellock, though they seemed to have come from Nuremberg or Vienna at the beginning of the 16th century. Some historians credit Leonardo Da Vinci with inventing the wheellock based on drawings he made.

Wheellocks were followed by the snaphaunce, which preceded the flintlock. This time if the wheel spun against a piece of flint, it held up against the hammer and struck the anvil above the priming powder.

3. Flintlock

The flintlock followed in the steps of the snaphaunce, which included a flint that bolted into the hammer and strikes the anvil. The creation of the flintlock had a transformational effect on warfare. Soldiers were now able to stand together and volley fire effectively without the threat of a burning match.

The next step in the ignition process was pioneered by Reverend Forsyth. He created the percussion ignition using the gun's hammer which ignites a fulminate of mercury. This causes an ignition in gunpowder. Once the British discovered Forsyth’s creation, they quickly realized it could be used on enemy armies.

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The Deal with Powder

Redline Ballistics believes there are several factors that should be considered when deciding to make or buy reloaded ammo Sacramento. Gunpowder is a prime factor in this evaluation.

History of Gun Powder

In the age of factory new ammo with exceptional performance, it's easy to forget about the importance of powder in your round's performance. Handloaders are familiar with this concept and we are here to help you understand how your ammo works. These are the aspects of gunpowder to keep in mind when thinking about buying reloaded ammo Sacramento or reloaded ammo supplies.

Evolution in Gun Powder

Believe it or not, the simple formula of sulfur, saltpeter, and charcoal are the basis of black powder. This invention was the mother of all types of gunpowder, including the types found today. The substance was further tinkered with in the 19th century and nitrocellulose was added to create guncotton. Guncotton vastly improved the velocity of black powder. Eventually, the continued evolution of this lead to the smokeless powders we see today.

reloaded ammo Sacramento

Gun Powder Strains

The three main types of grain structures are flake, ball, and stick.
Flake powders are normally used in handgun cartridges and shotshells because they have a fast burn rate that is ideal for both cartridges. Ball powders and rifle cartridges are a good match for longer-for-caliber bullets.  Stick powder is the preferred for most rifle cartridges because of their thin strips.

Gun Powder and Accuracy

Powder is a vital part of shooting because of velocity and accuracy. Reducing the variations of temperature also reduces the variations in velocity. Minor fluctuations of 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit have an effect depending on the surrounding temperature. Whether it's hunting or shooting in matches, accuracy and comfort are enhanced by using the ammo so you are sure you can trust it.

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Testing New with the Old: My Experience with Reloading Classic Revolvers

Yan, a member of our staff over at our Sacramento ammo store, is knowledgeable in all things guns and ammo. The Magnum .357 is an excellent classic revolver. It is easy to carry and concealable, and you can load .38 ammunition into it. It also has reasonable recoil but there’s a lot more to it than you think!

.357 Magnum Reloading

The .357 uses all sorts of ammo, however, the .38 isn’t the only type of ammo that the revolver uses. The Barnes XPBs’ easily fit into the weapon and there’s no problem hunting animals with this. Unfortunately, the gun’s range and sight radius are limited.

.44 Magnum Accuracy

The gun nearly has a mind of its own, and the precision with the way it shoots is remarkable. The .44 Magnum is easy to hold because of its balance. Offhand shooting is possible with the .44 Magnum, unlike other guns.

Reloading Revolver AmmoSacramento Ammo Store 31

Old standby powders were my powders of choice because I wanted to see how they fare against the new ones on the market. The Hodgdon H110 and Alliant 2400 were the first two powders I used and I’m very familiar with both and happy with their performance.

The new powders used were the Accurate #9 and Ramshot Enforcer. Both of them performed fantastically despite my negative preconceived notions, with Ramshot looking like one of the best powders.

The Enforcer is a perfect option for the .44 Magnum. It’s worked with similar magnums before like the .357.

Every time I’ve shot with the .44 Magnum, the bullets went clean through which is a testament to its power.

Overall Thoughts

I loved experimenting with the new bullets and powders. My interest in the classic revolvers that I own has increased tenfold after testing out new ways to use them.

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The 9mm: Which Load Is Right For You?

Our Redline Ballistics ammo store stocks the widely popular 9mm ammo in Sacramento. With this cartridge you’ll find that there are more 9mm ammo rounds from more makers available than any other cartridge. Such a wide availability has made it an accessible and recognizable defense round.

The StatsSacramento Ammo Store

The 9mm ammo comes in a range of bullet weights, from 115 to 147 grains, and velocities of 1,200 and 1,000 fps respectively. The cartridge is quite compact. With a high-capacity magazine and double stacked cartridges, the 9mm doesn't become too large a magazine or grip for average users. The cartridge also exerts a higher operating pressure, generating enough velocity to expand bullets. This all converges into an all-around manageable firearm that is perfect for average shooters.

These advantages are the driving force for manufacturers to focus their efforts in improving and mass producing this specific round. The advancements in the round’s abilities shifts the law enforcement landscape, with agencies scaling back from the .40 to the 9mm.

Light and Medium Loads

If you handle ultra-compact pistols then it's best you utilize light loads. They offer up as much performance as can be had without dealing with the full power and recoil of much higher loads. Notable rounds include Hornady Critical Defense loads and similar low-recoil rounds like Federal HST, Barnes TAC-XP, and others. Furthermore, medium power loads are the middle ground standard-weight ammo that comes in normal velocities. Reasons to use this type load would be that a user’s pistol can’t reliably run with a light 115 grain or a heavy, slow load.

Supersonics and Heavyweights

These are full-out, high performance loads meant for those that need the power. Supersonic loads are lightweight bullets that push 90 to 115 grain bullets at extremely fast velocities. The Winchester Kinetic or Super Vel are notable products in this category. The heavyweights are the 147 grain JHPs that push to a tad under 1,000 fps. These loads are heavy, slow, and expand tremendously. Examples of this are the Winchester 147 grain Winchester PDX1 or the 135 grain +P Hornady Critical Duty.

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Selecting the Best Ammo For Your Intended Purpose

Many new firearm owners struggle with selecting the right ammunition. With several different calibers and types to choose from, locals looking for the best combination of guns and ammo in Sacramento can be a challenge.

Ammunition selection depends greatly on the intended purpose. The process can be overwhelming with the different kinds of weights, projectile, and velocity speeds enthusiasts can choose from. Lucky for you, we're here to highlight the best ammunition for your intended purpose.

Target Practice

Whether you are a beginner shooter or a seasoned vet, target practice is the best way to hone your skills. Our store for guns and ammo in Sacramento sells bulk ammunition for cost-effective practice rounds. For this reason many shooters like using inexpensive ammunition to get the job done. The most inexpensive ammunition type for handguns and rifles are full metal jackets (FMJ). They are noted for being the best value for target practice effectiveness.


When choosing self-defense ammunition, it is best to find reliable ammunition effective in protecting you and your family. Here at Redline, our store for guns and ammo in Sacramento, we are knowledgeable in which self-defense ammunition would be the right fit for you. We can suggest the rounds that do the greatest amount of damage and stopping power. These factors are vital when looking for self-defense ammunition. Ideally, price should be secondary in choosing the ammunition that ensures your safety, however, budget concerns are understandable. Best quality rounds for handguns and rifles would typically mean investing in hollow point projectile cartridges. These are great for self-defense because the cartridges contain a unique tip that expands on impact causing greater damage to the target.


guns and ammo Sacramento

Similarly to self-defense, when hunting you want ammunition that will quickly and effectively bring down your target. A hollow point projectile cartridge would also be a great choice for hunting. Hunters should strive to use ammunition that has more power. Unlike self-defense, hunters need an additional force in their ammunition that will be able to penetrate through thick animal skin and muscle. You should avoid FMJ's when hunting. The damage may not be strong enough to cause significant damage to the intended target.


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