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Hunting Range Tips You Need to Succeed

Winchester ammo Sacramento would like to share the WTF (wind, trajectory, and fundamentals) of extending your hunting range.

Hunters generally do not excel in the marksmanship department. What we aim to do here is help improve that through providing helpful from preparation to practice.


A few things to consider when aiming to accurately extend your hunting range is to examine the equipment being used and monitor your training. Firstly, you should ensure that you use a carbon fiber wrapped barrel or crossover rifle, and utilize support bags filled with air for rests. Additionally, you should be well-versed when it comes to offsets and BDC reticles and train regularly to ensure you gain the proper practice.

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Hunters face a variety of different challenges in comparison to the usual PRS shooter. Some of these include that their rifles have limited optics, and should not be shot like a target rifle. You should aim to familiarize yourself with the limitations of your rifle so that you can adapt your training to allow you to work within these limitations.

One thing we need to manage is heat. In order to do so, the number of shots taken should be managed. The more rounds forced down the barrel of a rifle the higher the rate of heat increase. For this reason, each shot should be taken individually.

Due to the increasing popularity of the rifle, companies work to make more effective rifles.  They aim to allow hunters to do this without carrying a heavier weapon.

In addition to understanding the optics and limitations of your weapon, you should also work to better understand offsets. This means you should learn to adjust turret elevations based on your traveling environments. The atmospheric changes you change definitely matter therefore it is crucial to be making the proper scope adjustments.


Once you become aware of the areas of your hunting range you need to bring focus to, it is important to actually implement this knowledge to your training. Although being knowledgeable is extremely helpful, the only way to truly perfect your craft is through training. For this reason, you should also dedicate a significant amount of time in training to ensure that you can reach your desired goals.

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The Secret Meaning Behind Gunpowder

Our Fiocchi Ammo Sacramento shop understands the need for enthusiasts to know the history behind the firearms they're shooting. Today we go into the origins of gunpowder and the tools used to create it into a firearm we know today.

Gunpowder was first created in China in the 9th century, but for unusual reasons. Chinese alchemists were finding out ways to improve their medical treatments by using sulfur and saltpeter (potassium nitrate). The true purpose of gunpowder, however, was to gain immortality. The next place to utilize gunpowder after China was Mongolia, then the islamic empires of the day. The matchlock was the next step in the ignition process.

1. Matchlock

The new innovation of the Matchlock was that it could be fired with one hand, but the main problem is that it needs the match to stay lit which is a problem in rain and snow. The next step after the matchlock is generating a spark on-demand.

Fiocchi Ammo Sacramento

2. Wheellock

No one knows the true origins of the wheellock, though they seemed to have come from Nuremberg or Vienna at the beginning of the 16th century. Some historians credit Leonardo Da Vinci with inventing the wheellock based on drawings he made.

Wheellocks were followed by the snaphaunce, which preceded the flintlock. This time if the wheel spun against a piece of flint, it held up against the hammer and struck the anvil above the priming powder.

3. Flintlock

The flintlock followed in the steps of the snaphaunce, which included a flint that bolted into the hammer and strikes the anvil. The creation of the flintlock had a transformational effect on warfare. Soldiers were now able to stand together and volley fire effectively without the threat of a burning match.

The next step in the ignition process was pioneered by Reverend Forsyth. He created the percussion ignition using the gun's hammer which ignites a fulminate of mercury. This causes an ignition in gunpowder. Once the British discovered Forsyth’s creation, they quickly realized it could be used on enemy armies.

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Testing New with the Old: My Experience with Reloading Classic Revolvers

Yan, a member of our staff over at our Sacramento ammo store, is knowledgeable in all things guns and ammo. The Magnum .357 is an excellent classic revolver. It is easy to carry and concealable, and you can load .38 ammunition into it. It also has reasonable recoil but there’s a lot more to it than you think!

.357 Magnum Reloading

The .357 uses all sorts of ammo, however, the .38 isn’t the only type of ammo that the revolver uses. The Barnes XPBs’ easily fit into the weapon and there’s no problem hunting animals with this. Unfortunately, the gun’s range and sight radius are limited.

.44 Magnum Accuracy

The gun nearly has a mind of its own, and the precision with the way it shoots is remarkable. The .44 Magnum is easy to hold because of its balance. Offhand shooting is possible with the .44 Magnum, unlike other guns.

Reloading Revolver AmmoSacramento Ammo Store 31

Old standby powders were my powders of choice because I wanted to see how they fare against the new ones on the market. The Hodgdon H110 and Alliant 2400 were the first two powders I used and I’m very familiar with both and happy with their performance.

The new powders used were the Accurate #9 and Ramshot Enforcer. Both of them performed fantastically despite my negative preconceived notions, with Ramshot looking like one of the best powders.

The Enforcer is a perfect option for the .44 Magnum. It’s worked with similar magnums before like the .357.

Every time I’ve shot with the .44 Magnum, the bullets went clean through which is a testament to its power.

Overall Thoughts

I loved experimenting with the new bullets and powders. My interest in the classic revolvers that I own has increased tenfold after testing out new ways to use them.

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Selecting the Best Ammo For Your Intended Purpose

Many new firearm owners struggle with selecting the right ammunition. With several different calibers and types to choose from, locals looking for the best combination of guns and ammo in Sacramento can be a challenge.

Ammunition selection depends greatly on the intended purpose. The process can be overwhelming with the different kinds of weights, projectile, and velocity speeds enthusiasts can choose from. Lucky for you, we're here to highlight the best ammunition for your intended purpose.

Target Practice

Whether you are a beginner shooter or a seasoned vet, target practice is the best way to hone your skills. Our store for guns and ammo in Sacramento sells bulk ammunition for cost-effective practice rounds. For this reason many shooters like using inexpensive ammunition to get the job done. The most inexpensive ammunition type for handguns and rifles are full metal jackets (FMJ). They are noted for being the best value for target practice effectiveness.


When choosing self-defense ammunition, it is best to find reliable ammunition effective in protecting you and your family. Here at Redline, our store for guns and ammo in Sacramento, we are knowledgeable in which self-defense ammunition would be the right fit for you. We can suggest the rounds that do the greatest amount of damage and stopping power. These factors are vital when looking for self-defense ammunition. Ideally, price should be secondary in choosing the ammunition that ensures your safety, however, budget concerns are understandable. Best quality rounds for handguns and rifles would typically mean investing in hollow point projectile cartridges. These are great for self-defense because the cartridges contain a unique tip that expands on impact causing greater damage to the target.


guns and ammo Sacramento

Similarly to self-defense, when hunting you want ammunition that will quickly and effectively bring down your target. A hollow point projectile cartridge would also be a great choice for hunting. Hunters should strive to use ammunition that has more power. Unlike self-defense, hunters need an additional force in their ammunition that will be able to penetrate through thick animal skin and muscle. You should avoid FMJ's when hunting. The damage may not be strong enough to cause significant damage to the intended target.


About Redline Ballistics

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Which Cartridge Is The Right Fit For You? 5.56 vs. 7.62×39

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right cartridge for your needs. For this reason, we have highlighted the 5.56 cartridge and 7.62x39 cartridge. You can find both 7.62x39 and 5.56 ammo in Sacramento at our Redline Ballistics store. Here we go over what we felt were the most significant factors to draw a fair comparison.


An important factor when comparing these two cartridges is velocity. Velocity is important because it correlates with many other important factors. With a faster velocity, you are able to hit the target quicker. Faster bullets won’t be as impacted by the environment which leads to a more accurate shot as well. When we compare the 5.56 and 7.62x39 with a shot to a target 500 yards away, the 5.56 ammo Sacramento cartridge proved to be faster. Nevertheless, the 7.62x39 was able to hold its speed for a longer duration, opposed to the 5.56, whose speed decreased at a much faster rate.


A factor people tend to overlook is trajectory. Despite this, it should be one of the first things examined when choosing cartridges. Trajectory plays a significant factor when choosing the ideal cartridge. When shot at 180 yards, both the 5.56 and 7.62 maintained the same elevation. After the 180 yards, the 5.56 was able to sustain the same level of elevation for a longer period of time. The key trait that played a role was weight. Having a lighter round will allow your bullet to travel at the same level of elevation for a longer period of time.

Accuracy5.56 ammo Sacramento

Accuracy is tough to determine because it relies primarily on the shooter. As mentioned earlier, lighter rounds are able to sustain the same path for a longer period. Furthermore, the 5.56 round is able to reach higher speeds for its lighter weight. For this reason, we give the edge to the lighter 5.56 round. At long distances, the 5.56 can be a more accurate shot, but either round can be just as accurate when shooting within 100 yards.


Both the 5.56 and 7.62 round fall within a similar price range. The 7.62 may be found to be a bit more pricey at times but not by a whole lot. Both these cartridges are not hard to find and may be purchased for cheaper if bought in bulk. There is a huge selection of rounds for each one of these cartridges as well.

About Redline Ballistics

Redline Ballistics sells quality ammunition and strives to be the best in the industry to ensure customers get exactly what they are looking for. Redline Ballistics holds a large inventory of 5.56 ammo Sacramento must-haves and other top ammunition. For more information about specific ammunition, please follow Redline Ballistics on Facebook and Instagram.

How To Handle A Handgun

Modern media display guns in many different lights, leaving the general public with an extremely split view on the subject. This being said, at this ammo store Sacramento, we believe that safety should be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about or handling guns.

Below you will find the basics of firing a handgun consistently, correctly and most important of all, safely.

The Four Fundamental Rules

  1. Always handle a firearm as if were loaded.
  2. Always keep a firearm pointed away from others or in directions that may potentially cause harm to yourself or others.
  3. Always keep your finger away from the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Always make yourself aware of not only your target but your surroundings as well.

When firing a gun, it is crucial to take into consideration your surroundings outside of the target in question. Outside factors play just as an important role in gun safety as personal safety practices.

How to Grip a Handgun

ammo store sacramento

Now that we have the fundamentals down, let's move on to the fun stuff. How to hold a handgun.

  1. Always keep your dominant hand with a firm grip, high on the back strap of the grip. Doing so allows you to have more control and leverage against the recoil of the weapon.
  2. Keep your supporting hand pressed firmly against the exposed section of the gun grip with all four fingers placed under the trigger guard.

When done correctly, your dominant and supporting hands should fit together without any discomfort in a secure and steady position.

Shooting Position

Moving onto the next step, the shooting stance stands as a key part in shooting safety and success.

  1. Stand with your feet a shoulder-width apart.
  2. Stand with your knees slightly bent.
  3. Raise your handgun with your dominant arm extended, ready to absorb recoil


In order to successfully fire a handgun with accuracy, you first have to figure out which eye is your dominant eye. Perform a quick test by performing the following steps.

  1. Create a 1-inch circle by touching your index finger to your thumb.
  2. Hold this circle at an arm’s length and focus on a distant object within the center of the circle.
  3. With both eyes open, quickly bring the circle to your face.

If done correctly, your hand should naturally gravitate your dominant eye in order to maintain focus. Once you have properly established your dominant eye, use it to align your handgun’s front sight and rear sight. Using this, you can establish your sight picture. The sight picture is the shape or image created through the combination of your rear sight, front sight, and target. You know your sight picture is correct when your front and rear sights are clear and your target is blurry.

Firing / Trigger Management

Contrary to the common saying “pulling the trigger”, firing a handgun requires more of a controlled squeezing motion. It is key that you do not disrupt your sights in the process. Squeeze the trigger until you feel resistance. Do not stop there. Continue to squeeze as if you were trying to move the trigger to the rear.

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