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The Secret Meaning Behind Gunpowder

Our Fiocchi Ammo Sacramento shop understands the need for enthusiasts to know the history behind the firearms they're shooting. Today we go into the origins of gunpowder and the tools used to create it into a firearm we know today.

Gunpowder was first created in China in the 9th century, but for unusual reasons. Chinese alchemists were finding out ways to improve their medical treatments by using sulfur and saltpeter (potassium nitrate). The true purpose of gunpowder, however, was to gain immortality. The next place to utilize gunpowder after China was Mongolia, then the islamic empires of the day. The matchlock was the next step in the ignition process.

1. Matchlock

The new innovation of the Matchlock was that it could be fired with one hand, but the main problem is that it needs the match to stay lit which is a problem in rain and snow. The next step after the matchlock is generating a spark on-demand.

Fiocchi Ammo Sacramento

2. Wheellock

No one knows the true origins of the wheellock, though they seemed to have come from Nuremberg or Vienna at the beginning of the 16th century. Some historians credit Leonardo Da Vinci with inventing the wheellock based on drawings he made.

Wheellocks were followed by the snaphaunce, which preceded the flintlock. This time if the wheel spun against a piece of flint, it held up against the hammer and struck the anvil above the priming powder.

3. Flintlock

The flintlock followed in the steps of the snaphaunce, which included a flint that bolted into the hammer and strikes the anvil. The creation of the flintlock had a transformational effect on warfare. Soldiers were now able to stand together and volley fire effectively without the threat of a burning match.

The next step in the ignition process was pioneered by Reverend Forsyth. He created the percussion ignition using the gun's hammer which ignites a fulminate of mercury. This causes an ignition in gunpowder. Once the British discovered Forsyth’s creation, they quickly realized it could be used on enemy armies.

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4 Must Have Items For Home Protection

No matter where you live, be it an apartment in the city or a house in the country, protecting your home is very necessary. There are different guns and pieces of defensive gear that have different advantages for home protection, so your Sacramento Ammo Store has compiled the top 7 guns pieces of gear for keeping your home safe.

Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro__ CMR-300

In 2018 Crimson Trace rolled out their newest combination laser/light sight made especially for long guns. The new piece has a combination white LED light plus a green laser sight and features Crimson Trace – classic Instant Action. The combination of lights gives the user for modes of use: light, laser, laser and light, and laser plus strobe. They retail for about $249.

Sacramento Ammo Store

Mossberg 590M

Mossberg recently launched a line of magazine fed, detachable shotguns (with 590M). The scattergun uses a 10 round shotgun mag, and feeds from a doublestack. There are also 20, 10 and 5 rounds mags available as accessories. What’s cool about this gun is it rocks very similar to an AK mag feeding into a rifle. There are two models of this Mossberg currently available, the standard and the other is the tactically-oriented version with a tri-rail forend.

Surefire XC2 handgun light

This XC2 is Surefire’s newest, smallest, most light handgun-light plus integrated laser. It features a 300_lumen beam for spotting threats plus a 635nm red-laser. The XC2 weighs just 2 ounces and is under 2.5 inches in length. However, despite its small size, it is very durable.

Remington Ultimate Defense - Rifle Bonded

Remington has had its Ultimate Defense line for a while – buckshot loads for shotguns, but recently Big Green added an option for rifles to their line. The new load uses CoreLokt UltraBonded bullets that have a lead core adhered to a tapered jacket. This provides the user with a weight retention, consistent expansion, and penetration for those using the rifle.

For more information about self-defense options, please contact your Sacramento Ammo Store providers, Red Line Ballistics by phone or come visit our website at Our team is standing by and happy to help.

The 9mm: Which Load Is Right For You?

Our Redline Ballistics ammo store stocks the widely popular 9mm ammo in Sacramento. With this cartridge you’ll find that there are more 9mm ammo rounds from more makers available than any other cartridge. Such a wide availability has made it an accessible and recognizable defense round.

The StatsSacramento Ammo Store

The 9mm ammo comes in a range of bullet weights, from 115 to 147 grains, and velocities of 1,200 and 1,000 fps respectively. The cartridge is quite compact. With a high-capacity magazine and double stacked cartridges, the 9mm doesn't become too large a magazine or grip for average users. The cartridge also exerts a higher operating pressure, generating enough velocity to expand bullets. This all converges into an all-around manageable firearm that is perfect for average shooters.

These advantages are the driving force for manufacturers to focus their efforts in improving and mass producing this specific round. The advancements in the round’s abilities shifts the law enforcement landscape, with agencies scaling back from the .40 to the 9mm.

Light and Medium Loads

If you handle ultra-compact pistols then it's best you utilize light loads. They offer up as much performance as can be had without dealing with the full power and recoil of much higher loads. Notable rounds include Hornady Critical Defense loads and similar low-recoil rounds like Federal HST, Barnes TAC-XP, and others. Furthermore, medium power loads are the middle ground standard-weight ammo that comes in normal velocities. Reasons to use this type load would be that a user’s pistol can’t reliably run with a light 115 grain or a heavy, slow load.

Supersonics and Heavyweights

These are full-out, high performance loads meant for those that need the power. Supersonic loads are lightweight bullets that push 90 to 115 grain bullets at extremely fast velocities. The Winchester Kinetic or Super Vel are notable products in this category. The heavyweights are the 147 grain JHPs that push to a tad under 1,000 fps. These loads are heavy, slow, and expand tremendously. Examples of this are the Winchester 147 grain Winchester PDX1 or the 135 grain +P Hornady Critical Duty.

About Redline Ballistics

Redline Ballistics is your stop for 9mm ammo in Sacramento. We carry the top ammunition brands like LAX Ammo, Federal, Winchester, and Hornady. Be sure to visit our store at 11311 Trade Center Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA or check our site out for more information! Also, follow us for news on ammo deals on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

22LR – the round you need?

22lr ammo will always be a perennial favorite. It’s great for beginners and some veteran shooters swear by it. The 22lr is notably good for small-game hunting but how does it stack up against a human predator? In the following article, we take a deeper look at 22lr ammo Sacramento and help you decide if it’s the right round for you.

Evolution Of the 22LR

Today, the 22lr is typically used as a pistol cartridge but in 1887, when it was first introduced, it was meant for a rifle and small game hunting. It used a thin rimfire brass case, heeled bullet, and its velocity was at about 2080fps. Nowadays, the 22lr is arguably the most popular cartridge on the market. Every year, billions of rounds are produced and nearly every firearms manufacturer around makes at least one version. Veteran shooters and newbies everywhere love the 22lr because of its lack of recoil, availability, accuracy, and price.

Is a 22 right for you?

Truthfully, the 22 can be for just about everyone. As always, it depends on your task. There are experienced and passionate gun owners that swear by the 22. You also get the casual shooter, looking for a simple, easy to use gun for self-defense or fun target practice. Even those that have issues with hand-strength or arthritis will love a 22. For some, a 9mm handgun can have too much recoil, and can’t fit as easily into your pocket or handbag, unlike a 22 pistol.

On top of it all, 22lr ammo is so abundant and inexpensive that you’ll never have a problem staying stocked. Beginner shooters will love this because they can shoot as much as they want to without sacrificing an arm and a leg.

The real question will it stop a threat?

There isn’t any doubt in anyone’s mind that a 22 is capable of killing. But, there is a definite line between killing and personal defense. You can shoot an attacker and they can still come at you as they slowly bleed out. So, what you really need is something with real stopping power or a really well-placed shot.

About Redline Ballistics

A well-placed shot is always more important than caliber size. Where your round lands in an attacker are going to matter most. And that is where the 22 comes through. 22lr ammo Sacramento is reliable, well priced, fun and easy to shoot. At the end of the day, what you really need is plenty of practice and training. For more shooting tips, news, and sales follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Breaking Down Your Firing Stance

If you are a guns and ammo Sacramento fanatic who is always looking to improve your shooting skills, take a minute to analyze your shooting stance. Ideally, you want to be in a stance that feels natural but provides support for recoil. Most shooters employ an isosceles or weaver stance. They often utilize a variation of the two so that the position best fits their needs.

The isosceles stance is the most standard and easily recognizable stance.

The standard stance bears its “isosceles” title for its resemblance to the triangle found in any basic geometry textbook. Plant your feet parallel at shoulder distance, toes pointed at the target, slightly bend your knees, and fully extend your arms. The isosceles stance provides side to side support. This leaves you in a comfortable and natural position. This stance is best if you're looking for accuracy and stability. However, note that this stance will not give you front and back support.

The weaver stance has gained popularity.

The weaver stance was developed in Los Angeles during the 50’s as a means to improve a firing stance’s front-back support and mobility. You blade your body by placing firing side's foot back and pointing your support side foot at the target. The firing arm should be fully extended, while the support arm and knees remain slightly bent.

With the weaver, the distinction between support side and firing side is made clear and utilized to full effect. Although this stance’s popularity has increased drastically over the standard, a weaver stance also lacks in "comfortable" mobility and is looked down upon because it exposes an area of the torso near the lungs & heart that isn’t covered by traditional body armor.

The tactical stance or modified weaver has resulted in attempts to fix issues in both stances.

This military trained stance brings the best of both positions and combines them into a hybrid that solves those issues. Your feet will be set like that of a weaver position but your arms are both fully extended like that of the isosceles stance. This provides push-pull grip while maintaining coverage of the armpit and any other exposed torso that comes from the weaver stance.

Stances are different for everyone and only you can determine which feels the most natural.

Just because the tactical stance seems to be the best, it is nothing without the influences of the isosceles and weaver stances. Some people find the isosceles stance the most natural position, while others find success in the weaver position. The tactical stance is only a modification of the two and is constructed to help fit a shooter’s habit. To determine which stance is best for you, practice them both and choose which is more natural and effective.

About Redline Ballistics

Redline Ballistics is an ammunition business staffed with guns and ammo Sacramento professionals with years of experience. Redline Ballistics has gained a reputation in Northern California for providing high-quality ammunition at great prices. They sell small boxes of ammunition but also have bulk ammunition in a range of calibers and types. If you wish to communicate with Redline Ballistics follow them on  Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

How To Handle A Handgun

Modern media display guns in many different lights, leaving the general public with an extremely split view on the subject. This being said, at this ammo store Sacramento, we believe that safety should be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about or handling guns.

Below you will find the basics of firing a handgun consistently, correctly and most important of all, safely.

The Four Fundamental Rules

  1. Always handle a firearm as if were loaded.
  2. Always keep a firearm pointed away from others or in directions that may potentially cause harm to yourself or others.
  3. Always keep your finger away from the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Always make yourself aware of not only your target but your surroundings as well.

When firing a gun, it is crucial to take into consideration your surroundings outside of the target in question. Outside factors play just as an important role in gun safety as personal safety practices.

How to Grip a Handgun

ammo store sacramento

Now that we have the fundamentals down, let's move on to the fun stuff. How to hold a handgun.

  1. Always keep your dominant hand with a firm grip, high on the back strap of the grip. Doing so allows you to have more control and leverage against the recoil of the weapon.
  2. Keep your supporting hand pressed firmly against the exposed section of the gun grip with all four fingers placed under the trigger guard.

When done correctly, your dominant and supporting hands should fit together without any discomfort in a secure and steady position.

Shooting Position

Moving onto the next step, the shooting stance stands as a key part in shooting safety and success.

  1. Stand with your feet a shoulder-width apart.
  2. Stand with your knees slightly bent.
  3. Raise your handgun with your dominant arm extended, ready to absorb recoil


In order to successfully fire a handgun with accuracy, you first have to figure out which eye is your dominant eye. Perform a quick test by performing the following steps.

  1. Create a 1-inch circle by touching your index finger to your thumb.
  2. Hold this circle at an arm’s length and focus on a distant object within the center of the circle.
  3. With both eyes open, quickly bring the circle to your face.

If done correctly, your hand should naturally gravitate your dominant eye in order to maintain focus. Once you have properly established your dominant eye, use it to align your handgun’s front sight and rear sight. Using this, you can establish your sight picture. The sight picture is the shape or image created through the combination of your rear sight, front sight, and target. You know your sight picture is correct when your front and rear sights are clear and your target is blurry.

Firing / Trigger Management

Contrary to the common saying “pulling the trigger”, firing a handgun requires more of a controlled squeezing motion. It is key that you do not disrupt your sights in the process. Squeeze the trigger until you feel resistance. Do not stop there. Continue to squeeze as if you were trying to move the trigger to the rear.

About Us

Redline Ballistics is an ammo store Sacramento based business dedicated to providing its customers with premium factory and reloaded ammunition. This ammo store Sacramento understands the value of safety. This is why Redline Ballistics takes pride in offering the highest quality factory and reloaded ammunition to offer its customers the safest shooting experience possible. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more news, tips, and deals.