Elk Grove Ammo

Elk Grove Ammo

The capital of our sunshine state. Situated in the sunny state of California. Redline Ballistics is the ideal place to purchased yourself licensed guns and ammunition. We are a bulk ammunition provider in Elk Grove.
Here we sell top quality and new factory loaded ammunition. We a hell-bent on giving our clients the best products possible and at an affordable price. Every week we showcase different deals and offer special gun show discounts.


Do it yourself!
When it comes to reloading your pistol, it is always best to do so yourself, because it saves you a lot of money. However, if you prefer your reloading done by a professional or an expert. Well. Here in Elk Grove, we are the best choice when it comes to ‘outsourcing’ your reloads. Either way of reloading has its own set of benefits that go hand in hand with doing so.

How much it would cost to reload
Generally reloading your ammo by yourself is still the best option for reloading, because of its lower cost. However, believe it or not. There are instances when the cost of premium ammunition does not deviate too far off from the usual ‘do it yourself reload’.

For the 308 Winchester, the cost per individual round between reloaded and factory loaded ammunition is only off by a few cents. A few cents! And that is a fact.

Sometimes the cost of reloading can be influenced by many a factor. Such as the cost of your tools, your time, the performance of the ammunition, and how customized you want your ammunition performance. But even so, reloading your own ammo is almost always best. So we recommend that you do thorough research on how to reload your ammo if you are a novice gunman.

The market
Prices have decreased tremendously for the top of the range ammunition. However, the prices of these premium grade ammo can still vary from ammo shop to ammo shop. If you are able to reload your pistol yourself then you can consider yourself quite lucky when it comes to handiness, especially when the prices for factory loaded ammunition spikes. Reloading your gun by yourself has always proven to be a cost-effective way to get quality ammunition satisfied with your performance needs.

What would be the best ammo to use for traveling?
For people who like to hunt and travel while doing so. It would be best to use a premium factory loaded ammunition. Sometimes you might want to travel with your ammunition on board, but it could get lost or damaged as a result of various factors.

Thus it is always smart to prepare for the worst. And you can do so by packing an extra pair of rounds to get in the event that your main load is compromised.

More to say…
We will admit that even though factory loaded ammunition has become a more worthwhile substitute, it is still a handy skill to be able to reload your ammunition yourself. So if you find yourself wanting to learn the craft, give a call and we will assign an expert to teach you how to go about reloading your pistol.

Elk Grove Ammo
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Elk Grove Ammo
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