Winchester ammo Sacramento would like to share the WTF (wind, trajectory, and fundamentals) of extending your hunting range.

Hunters generally do not excel in the marksmanship department. What we aim to do here is help improve that through providing helpful from preparation to practice.


A few things to consider when aiming to accurately extend your hunting range is to examine the equipment being used and monitor your training. Firstly, you should ensure that you use a carbon fiber wrapped barrel or crossover rifle, and utilize support bags filled with air for rests. Additionally, you should be well-versed when it comes to offsets and BDC reticles and train regularly to ensure you gain the proper practice.

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Hunters face a variety of different challenges in comparison to the usual PRS shooter. Some of these include that their rifles have limited optics, and should not be shot like a target rifle. You should aim to familiarize yourself with the limitations of your rifle so that you can adapt your training to allow you to work within these limitations.

One thing we need to manage is heat. In order to do so, the number of shots taken should be managed. The more rounds forced down the barrel of a rifle the higher the rate of heat increase. For this reason, each shot should be taken individually.

Due to the increasing popularity of the rifle, companies work to make more effective rifles.  They aim to allow hunters to do this without carrying a heavier weapon.

In addition to understanding the optics and limitations of your weapon, you should also work to better understand offsets. This means you should learn to adjust turret elevations based on your traveling environments. The atmospheric changes you change definitely matter therefore it is crucial to be making the proper scope adjustments.


Once you become aware of the areas of your hunting range you need to bring focus to, it is important to actually implement this knowledge to your training. Although being knowledgeable is extremely helpful, the only way to truly perfect your craft is through training. For this reason, you should also dedicate a significant amount of time in training to ensure that you can reach your desired goals.

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