Reloading your own ammunition has always been the best way to save money. We are the premier reloaded ammo Sacramento experts and we enjoy the task of reloading. There are benefits to both and it all depends on your shooting and budget practices.

The Cost of Reloading

Reloading your own ammunition still remains the best in regards to lower cost. However, premium ammunition in some cases is not too far off. In fact, the cost per round between reloaded and factory loaded ammo is only off by a few cents for the .308 Winchester. In this regards, it all depends on the cost of your tools, your time, performance of the ammunition, and how customized you want your ammo performance. There are other cases in which reloading yourself is extremely better than premium ammunition. We recommend to do your own research before attempting to reload or purchase ammo.

Ammo Market

Premium ammo costs have lowered greatly but market prices can still vary greatly. Reloading is a handy skill to have if factory loaded ammunition prices ever spike. The practice has consistently been a cost-effective way to get quality ammunition catered to your performance needs.


If you like to travel and hunt, we recommend to using premium factory loaded ammo. While you can attempt to travel with your factory loaded ammo, sometimes your rounds can get lost or damaged due to variable factors. It’s always smart to prepare for the worst. Out in the field, be sure you have extra rounds to use if your main stash is somehow rendered unusable.¬†

Reloaded Ammo Sacramento


While factory loaded ammo has become a far more viable alternative, it’s still a useful skill to be able to handle reloaded ammo. Have a reloaded ammo Sacramento expert teach you if the process is unfamiliar.

About Redline Ballistics

Here at Redline Ballistics, we are a Reloaded Ammo Sacramento shop. We sell the newest factory reloaded ammunition. Despite the shortage of peripherals, we are well stocked thanks to our dealers.