22lr ammo will always be a perennial favorite. It’s great for beginners and some veteran shooters swear by it. The 22lr is notably good for small-game hunting but how does it stack up against a human predator? In the following article, we take a deeper look at 22lr ammo Sacramento and help you decide if it’s the right round for you.

Evolution Of the 22LR

Today, the 22lr is typically used as a pistol cartridge but in 1887, when it was first introduced, it was meant for a rifle and small game hunting. It used a thin rimfire brass case, heeled bullet, and its velocity was at about 2080fps. Nowadays, the 22lr is arguably the most popular cartridge on the market. Every year, billions of rounds are produced and nearly every firearms manufacturer around makes at least one version. Veteran shooters and newbies everywhere love the 22lr because of its lack of recoil, availability, accuracy, and price.

Is a 22 right for you?

Truthfully, the 22 can be for just about everyone. As always, it depends on your task. There are experienced and passionate gun owners that swear by the 22. You also get the casual shooter, looking for a simple, easy to use gun for self-defense or fun target practice. Even those that have issues with hand-strength or arthritis will love a 22. For some, a 9mm handgun can have too much recoil, and can’t fit as easily into your pocket or handbag, unlike a 22 pistol.

On top of it all, 22lr ammo is so abundant and inexpensive that you’ll never have a problem staying stocked. Beginner shooters will love this because they can shoot as much as they want to without sacrificing an arm and a leg.

The real question will it stop a threat?

There isn’t any doubt in anyone’s mind that a 22 is capable of killing. But, there is a definite line between killing and personal defense. You can shoot an attacker and they can still come at you as they slowly bleed out. So, what you really need is something with real stopping power or a really well-placed shot.

About Redline Ballistics

A well-placed shot is always more important than caliber size. Where your round lands in an attacker are going to matter most. And that is where the 22 comes through. 22lr ammo Sacramento is reliable, well priced, fun and easy to shoot. At the end of the day, what you really need is plenty of practice and training. For more shooting tips, news, and sales follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.