If you are a guns and ammo Sacramento fanatic who is always looking to improve your shooting skills, take a minute to analyze your shooting stance. Ideally, you want to be in a stance that feels natural but provides support for recoil. Most shooters employ an isosceles or weaver stance. They often utilize a variation of the two so that the position best fits their needs.

The isosceles stance is the most standard and easily recognizable stance.

The standard stance bears its “isosceles” title for its resemblance to the triangle found in any basic geometry textbook. Plant your feet parallel at shoulder distance, toes pointed at the target, slightly bend your knees, and fully extend your arms. The isosceles stance provides side to side support. This leaves you in a comfortable and natural position. This stance is best if you’re looking for accuracy and stability. However, note that this stance will not give you front and back support.

The weaver stance has gained popularity.

The weaver stance was developed in Los Angeles during the 50’s as a means to improve a firing stance’s front-back support and mobility. You blade your body by placing firing side’s foot back and pointing your support side foot at the target. The firing arm should be fully extended, while the support arm and knees remain slightly bent.

With the weaver, the distinction between support side and firing side is made clear and utilized to full effect. Although this stance’s popularity has increased drastically over the standard, a weaver stance also lacks in “comfortable” mobility and is looked down upon because it exposes an area of the torso near the lungs & heart that isn’t covered by traditional body armor.

The tactical stance or modified weaver has resulted in attempts to fix issues in both stances.

This military trained stance brings the best of both positions and combines them into a hybrid that solves those issues. Your feet will be set like that of a weaver position but your arms are both fully extended like that of the isosceles stance. This provides push-pull grip while maintaining coverage of the armpit and any other exposed torso that comes from the weaver stance.

Stances are different for everyone and only you can determine which feels the most natural.

Just because the tactical stance seems to be the best, it is nothing without the influences of the isosceles and weaver stances. Some people find the isosceles stance the most natural position, while others find success in the weaver position. The tactical stance is only a modification of the two and is constructed to help fit a shooter’s habit. To determine which stance is best for you, practice them both and choose which is more natural and effective.

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