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Redline Ballistics Match Grade Bullets

/Redline Ballistics Match Grade Bullets

Redline Ballistics FMJ Match Grade Precision Bullets

The initial production run of our brand new Redline Ballistics FMJ MATCH GRADE PRECISION bullets are finally here.

These bullets represent the end product and culmination of countless hours of R&D coupled with extensive beta testing of various prototypes. In our humble opinion these precision projectiles will certainly match or exceed the very best bullets available on the market today. These custom crafted bullets truly qualify as “Precision Match Grade” bullets.”

We now have these quality bullets available for sale at our Rancho Cordova retail outlet. In order to appeal to the broadest shooting base we can, we have done our very best to keep this product within the parameters of affordability with absolutely no compromise in quality.

At this time we have only a limited quantity available so please stop in and see us soon. Thank you.

9MM is available in 115 grain and 124 grain bullet weights. The .223 is available in 42 grain (lead free), a 55 grain and 62 grain boat tail spitzer.

More pictures and videos to follow soon. Please contact our Rancho Cordova store for pricing information (wholesale & retail).





Master shooter Joe Truesdale, who was the most accurate shooter at the IDPA US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2017 takes the new RLB Match Grade Precision bullet for a spin!!

Decide for yourself what bullet you want to put down range whether it’s at the IDPA National Championship or knocking tin cans off a stump. Choose the right bullet, choose RLB Match Grade Precision Bullets. When only the best will do, choose RLB!