Our Redline Ballistics ammo store stocks the widely popular 9mm ammo in Sacramento. With this cartridge you’ll find that there are more 9mm ammo rounds from more makers available than any other cartridge. Such a wide availability has made it an accessible and recognizable defense round.

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The 9mm ammo comes in a range of bullet weights, from 115 to 147 grains, and velocities of 1,200 and 1,000 fps respectively. The cartridge is quite compact. With a high-capacity magazine and double stacked cartridges, the 9mm doesn’t become too large a magazine or grip for average users. The cartridge also exerts a higher operating pressure, generating enough velocity to expand bullets. This all converges into an all-around manageable firearm that is perfect for average shooters.

These advantages are the driving force for manufacturers to focus their efforts in improving and mass producing this specific round. The advancements in the round’s abilities shifts the law enforcement landscape, with agencies scaling back from the .40 to the 9mm.

Light and Medium Loads

If you handle ultra-compact pistols then it’s best you utilize light loads. They offer up as much performance as can be had without dealing with the full power and recoil of much higher loads. Notable rounds include Hornady Critical Defense loads and similar low-recoil rounds like Federal HST, Barnes TAC-XP, and others. Furthermore, medium power loads are the middle ground standard-weight ammo that comes in normal velocities. Reasons to use this type load would be that a user’s pistol can’t reliably run with a light 115 grain or a heavy, slow load.

Supersonics and Heavyweights

These are full-out, high performance loads meant for those that need the power. Supersonic loads are lightweight bullets that push 90 to 115 grain bullets at extremely fast velocities. The Winchester Kinetic or Super Vel are notable products in this category. The heavyweights are the 147 grain JHPs that push to a tad under 1,000 fps. These loads are heavy, slow, and expand tremendously. Examples of this are the Winchester 147 grain Winchester PDX1 or the 135 grain +P Hornady Critical Duty.

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