Our 9mm Ammo Sacramento experts compiled a guide about different rounds and which ones will work better for you.

There are endless debates about which pistol caliber is better for defensive carry. Depending on your preference, you might want 9mm setups or a beefier .45 ACP. Firearms are personalized to what you want and need, but sometimes we need a little help in picking the best option. Below our 9mm Ammo Sacramento professionals compare different rounds and help you find what best fits your personalized firearms.

The Swift and Agile – 9mm Luger

Just because the 9mm round is smaller, doesn’t mean it isn’t packed with efficiency. This caliber was made in 1902 for the Luger pistol to retain its lethality up to 50 meters out. Now it’s used by beginners and even Spec Ops teams. The 9mm round is versatile with minimal recoil while maintaining an outstanding muzzle velocity. The best part is that these rounds are available in most gun shops in both range and self-defense loads.

The Middleman – .40 S&W

The .40 S&W has more power than the 9mm and less recoil than the .45 ACP which makes it the middleman of the rounds. Surprisingly, this round was made because of a 1986 shootout between the FBI and two bank robbers which ended in two agents dead and five others wounded. After the tragedy, the FBI ran several tests on the 9mm bullet abilities and concluded that they wanted a 10mm round. Eventually, the Smith & Wesson developed a smaller cartridge to match it, thus the .40 S&W was created. These rounds have the capability to execute deeper penetration and essentially bigger terminal wounds. These rounds are more commonly used by local police departments for their standard duty weapons.

The Hefty Load – .45 ACP

Lastly the bulkier of the bunch, the .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol). In 1905, John Moses Browning developed a Colt semi-automatic pistol. It was eventually deemed as the standard chamber for the M1911 pistol and later named as the .45 ACP. The caliber has come a long way and is vastly available in most firearms manufacturers. It’s simple to find a pistol that fires this hefty round, but there are some downsides. If you’re a beginner, you may find yourself having a difficulty with control given that there is more recoil. There is also less round capacity being that it is bigger than the 9mm and .40S&W rounds.

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