At a certain point in their lives, firearm users will encounter inactive bullets or dangerous corroded ammunition. How can you dispose of this wasted ammo? Our Sacramento Ammo Store is here to tell you how.

There’s plenty of information on the Internet that might not be suitable when it comes to disposing of ammunition. We have compiled the five most effective ways to get rid of your ammunition.

1. Notify the Police

Call the non-emergency number of the police to let them know you need to dispose of ammunition. An officer will pick up the ammunition or give some suggestions if it’s a minimal amount of rounds.

2. Recycling

Dud (unable to fire) ammunition is usually a prime target for recycling. Recycling is possible with a kinetic puller by breaking down the round. This process gives you bullets that you can re-use and a cartridge.

3. Dropping off Dangerous WasteSacramento Ammo Store 33

Most disposal centers perform a waste drop-off, but be sure to call beforehand to see if they actually perform the service.

4. Visit the Range

You can most likely drop off your ammunition at the range, where they possess a dud rounds container that law enforcement arranges to pick up.

5. Gun Store

Gun Stores are a great option to drop off ammunition because they handle it every day. Again, make sure they’re willing to accept your ammunition or know a reloader who will. Properly disposing of dangerous or unusable ammunition helps not only you but others around you.

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