Yan, a member of our staff over at our Sacramento ammo store, is knowledgeable in all things guns and ammo. The Magnum .357 is an excellent classic revolver. It is easy to carry and concealable, and you can load .38 ammunition into it. It also has reasonable recoil but there’s a lot more to it than you think!

.357 Magnum Reloading

The .357 uses all sorts of ammo, however, the .38 isn’t the only type of ammo that the revolver uses. The Barnes XPBs’ easily fit into the weapon and there’s no problem hunting animals with this. Unfortunately, the gun’s range and sight radius are limited.

.44 Magnum Accuracy

The gun nearly has a mind of its own, and the precision with the way it shoots is remarkable. The .44 Magnum is easy to hold because of its balance. Offhand shooting is possible with the .44 Magnum, unlike other guns.

Reloading Revolver AmmoSacramento Ammo Store 31

Old standby powders were my powders of choice because I wanted to see how they fare against the new ones on the market. The Hodgdon H110 and Alliant 2400 were the first two powders I used and I’m very familiar with both and happy with their performance.

The new powders used were the Accurate #9 and Ramshot Enforcer. Both of them performed fantastically despite my negative preconceived notions, with Ramshot looking like one of the best powders.

The Enforcer is a perfect option for the .44 Magnum. It’s worked with similar magnums before like the .357.

Every time I’ve shot with the .44 Magnum, the bullets went clean through which is a testament to its power.

Overall Thoughts

I loved experimenting with the new bullets and powders. My interest in the classic revolvers that I own has increased tenfold after testing out new ways to use them.

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